The latest episode of our podcast, In Your Court, is for parents of young adults, particularly those in college or college bound young women and men. In this episode, we encourage parents to have the Title IX talk with their kids.

Before parents send their children out into the world, there is a list of topics they all want to make sure they include in a heart-to-heart talk with them. Drinking, drugs and sex have been on the list for years. More recently inappropriate texting has been added. Now Title IX violations must be a part of the conversation, too. It is imperative that parents and students understand what their rights are and what the consequences are.

Title IX accusations can put a college education at risk and have the potential to damage a career and future plans. Because most college students are over 18, parents are NOT notified of a Title IX violation accusation against their son or daughter. They must rely on the student to notify them. Students need to understand that getting help immediately – not trying to go it alone – is their best path.

We urge you to take a few minutes to listen to this very important episode of In Your Court before your child heads back to college this fall. Most students have no idea what Title IX is about or how serious an accusation a Title IX violation can be. Listen, learn and send them back to campus better informed; just in case.

Mike Contant of Contant Law is in your court to help you, inform you and protect your rights via straight talk and real situations. Listen to the second episode of In Your Court; better still, share the link with the college student in your life so they can learn their rights.

If you’ve been accused of a Title IX violation or need legal help of any kind, don’t try to go it alone, call or text us. Contant Law 617-227-8383.

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