Thanksgiving is almost here and with it come celebrations and gatherings as we kick off the holiday season. For adult children coming home for the holiday it can be a hectic time trying to fit in time all the friends they want to see, catch the Thanksgiving alma mater football game, and still make time for family events. If your young adults are away at college and don’t have a car, they may not have driven in a while and if they are out celebrating with friends, they may have a couple of beers while they are out. All this sounds like the making of a holiday nightmare; but you can prevent it.

The first step, of course, is to remind your young adults about the important need for a designated driver. These 21st century kids know that drinking and driving is wrong and typically behave responsibly. but a strong reminder is never a bad idea. The second step is to teach them what to do and what not to do if they are stopped and have been drinking. Read about the Top Three Common Mistakes People Make in OUI Cases and share it with your young adults. You love your kids and keeping them safe is still in your job description. Make sure they know what to do before they find themselves in trouble.

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