You are celebrating a Graduation. It’s a big deal; it’s taken years to get here. All that hard work deserves a celebration. When it comes to graduation parties though, you need to remember the old adage, “All things in moderation.” Those big backyard parties that last all day and into the night are loads of fun. Friends from a lifetime come to share in the joy, there’s lots of wonderful food, and the booze flows freely. That is where the moderation comes in! No one wants the celebration of years of hard work to end in a OUI or worse. (Read about the driver’s license consequences of an OUI.)

Know your limits. Don’t be afraid to tell friends – particularly the younger ones – that they are reaching their limits. Don’t be shy about ensuring friends have sober designated drivers to take the keys. An intoxicated friend may grumble in the moment, but they will thank you when they are sober. Making sure that everyone gets home from the party safely, ensures that all the memories of the day will be joyful ones.

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