“Once my son turned 18, he would surely be granted a fresh start, and those teenage blemishes on his record are just part of the past!” – Are you one of those people who believes that a juvenile record would vanish when a youth becomes an adult? 

We’re here to correct that popular belief!

Even though juvenile record is kept separate from the adult records, it still happened, it is still in existence and it stays in existence FOREVER. 

Obstacles in Adulthood You Might Face With a Juvenile Record include:

  • Job Seeking
  • Arrested For A New Crime
  • Applying for Gun License
  • Getting to Military
  • Getting Into College
  • Receiving Financial Aid
  • And Many More . . . 

REMEMBER: It is essential to fight those cases when they come in as a juvenile to ensure your child’s protection and his/her future. 

If you have any questions about the juvenile delinquency process or the criminal process, please feel free to give us call or shoot us an email. Make sure everything is done correctly. We’re here to help!