Did you lose your license for failing a breathalyzer test? Or for refusing the breathalyzer test? Has the suspension time now passed? This blog is going to explain the process of getting your license back after the suspension period is over. It is not as simple as the time passing, paying the reinstatement fee at the Registry of Motor Vehicles and then being free to drive again. You MUST schedule a hearing with a hearings officer at the RMV to get your license back.

Step One:
Before your hearing date, your suspension time must have passed (i.e., if the suspension was for 30 days, your hearing cannot be on day 29). However, you should not wait until the last day of your suspension to schedule a hearing. Mostly because you cannot get a hearing the same day you request it. We recommend trying to obtain a hearing date for after your suspension has passed, by completing Step 2 about a week before the last day of your suspension.

Step Two:
Go online to the Massachusetts RMV Online Service Center. Click on ‘Reservations/Appointments,’ followed by ‘Make or Cancel a Hearing Reservation.’

Step Three:
You will want to have in hand, the suspension letter you were mailed from the RMV. Once you select ‘Schedule a Hearing Appointment’ you will need to fill in the Letter ID. If you have lost or misplaced the letter, you may select ‘I don’t have a Letter ID.’ It will bring you to another page where you may input basic information like date of birth, license number, last name, and last four digits of your social security number instead. Hit submit.

Step Four:
You will be brought to a page where you are able to select a hearing date. Dates and times will be listed as options depending on what is available. Pick a date. If your date is far away, select the closest date and then check back the next day, other dates closer in time may have become available.

Step Five:
You will have the option to upload documents. For this type of hearing, following the completion of the suspension time frame, documentation is not necessary as the hearing officer is just checking your record to see that there is no other reason why you are not able to have your license back. The officer is ensuring the correct amount of time has passed and that there is nothing holding up your license, such as a violation or suspension from another state, for example.

Step Six:
Wait for your scheduled hearing time. A hearings officer will call you at the scheduled time, after reviewing your record and ensuring you are able to get your license back, they will give you the go ahead for the next step. In theory, the hearing officer should call you at the scheduled time, but often they are running behind. So don’t get worried if they don’t call right at the scheduled time. Just stay by your phone.

Step Seven:
Go back to the Massachusetts RMV Online Service Center, access your profile, and pay the reinstatement fee to renew your license.

These seven simple steps should help you navigate the confusing process of reinstating your license. If you have any questions, are looking for an attorney to help you in this process, or if you have something more complex, one of our personal injury attorneys can help. Call our office at 617-227-8383.