Wrongful Death

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Losing a loved on is difficult enough in and of itself. When your loved one’s death is due to the wrongdoing or negligence of another, your pain can be almost impossible to bear. In tragic situations like these, our experienced Woburn wrongful death attorneys can help you obtain compensation for your loss. While money alone can’t make up for all that you have lost, at least it can relieve your financial concerns and provide a sense of closure.

Several factors determine the amount of compensation awarded in wrongful death cases. These include:

  • The decedent’s income
  • The degree to which family members were dependent financially on the decedent
  • Expenses incurred by the decedent’s survivors, such as medical costs and funeral expenses
  • A monetary value linked to what is known as loss of consortium. This is an estimate of how much suffering survivors will endure from losing the companionship of their loved one

While it is difficult to think about filing a claim for wrongful death at a time like this, these suits must be filed within a certain period of time or you risk losing the legal right to seek compensation. This, together with the complexity of the laws governing wrongful death, means you should contact us as soon as possible. Our Woburn wrongful death lawyers have the experience, mastery of the law and commitment to justice necessary to help you obtain all of the compensation you deserve. We understand what you are going through during this difficult time and are here to help. Of course, you will not have to pay us a fee unless we obtain compensation on your behalf.

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