Personal injury is a highly specialized and complicated area of the law. Usually, insurance companies are involved because the other party, either an individual or business, has insurance. That means there is typically a large insurance company and their attorneys working to avoid paying compensation.

If you have been harmed physically or emotionally, whether intentionally or due to negligence of another party, the law allows you to seek compensation. This compensation can include money for medical expenses, lost wages, scarring or disfigurement, and pain and suffering. If a loved one has been seriously injured or killed due to the negligence of another, you can seek compensation for what is known as loss of consortium and/or wrongful death.

Step 1: Retain an attorney with extensive experience working with insurance companies. Do not speak to a representative of the insurance company before you have retained a proven personal injury attorney. Commonly, an early offer to settle will not be their best offer. The personal injury attorneys at Contant Law will work on your behalf to maximize the settlement to help offset the pain and suffering incurred. At Contant Law we engage as your personal injury attorney on a contingency basis, charging only if compensation for your injury is obtained.

Step 2: Gather all evidence and information for our personal injury attorneys to start building the case.

Step 3: Prepare to go to trial

Although most cases settle without going to trial, as your personal injury lawyer we prepare every case thoroughly in the event that trial is necessary. This approach ensures that every client’s case receives the attention it deserves.

To provide effective representation in a wide range of personal injury matters, we frequently consult with outside experts with advanced training in accident reconstruction, engineering and medicine. If your case does go to trial, we can utilize the most advanced tactics, technology and strategies on your behalf, including accident reconstruction computer simulations, to bring about as favorable a result as possible.



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