Good people sometimes make bad decisions — or are simply in the wrong place at the wrong time – and wind up getting in serious trouble with the law. If you need a criminal defense attorney, you are likely nervous, scared and worried about what the future holds.

The criminal defense lawyers at Contant Law are here to help you every step of the way. Our criminal defense attorneys are committed to listening, answering your questions and alleviating your concerns. As questions race through your mind, take a deep breath and reach out to us as soon as possible. As listed below, we are proven criminal defense lawyers across many criminal offenses.

Why Contant Law

We are committed to protecting your rights and providing you with an aggressive defense – you deserve nothing less. We will explore every aspect of the case against you. If there is a weakness of any kind, we will find it and use it to your advantage.

Our philosophy for how we defend all criminal cases is simple. Our first goal is to win the case for you. As your criminal defense lawyer, we start with examining the case to determine the strengths and weaknesses. We then determine what steps will be necessary to win the case. If winning the case is not likely, only then do we seek other alternatives, such as plea negotiations. We then negotiate the best plea possible for you given the circumstances.

Our criminal defense attorneys have earned the respect of clients, prosecutors and judges for attention to detail, knowledge of the law and zealous advocacy. By simply meeting with us to discuss your criminal case you will get the answers you need and the comfort of knowing that you have an ally ready to aggressively fight on your behalf.



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