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Let’s face it, most lawyer’s web sites are the same. They go on and on about how great they are. “We’re the biggest” “We’re the best,” and other shameless self-promotion while not really giving you any useful information. At Contant Law we are trying to do things differently. We want to focus on helping our clients. Our philosophy is simple:

  • We help everyday people with everyday problems
  • We will help to reduce your stress and guide you through a difficult situation
  • We will to talk to you and not at you
  • We will take the time to explain everything in an understandable way
  • We will be available to answer all of your questions
  • We will tell you the truth and not just what we think you want to hear (you may not always like what we have to say, but it will be the truth)
  • We will not promise you the world just to sign you up as a client and then not deliver

We have designed this site to help you decide if we are right for you. We want to give you useful information…

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