A great deal of research supports the fact that the human brain does not fully mature until the mid-20s. The last part of the brain to mature is the prefrontal cortex, the part of the brain that controls reasoning and decision-making. So, it is not surprising that kids and young adults can make impulsive and poorly thought-out decisions. Sometimes, these poor decisions can land young people in trouble, and these mistakes can stay with a young person for their entire life, preventing them from opportunities in the future. That’s why when young people get into trouble, they need an advocate immediately.

The impulsive mistakes made by an adolescent or young adult can be addressed and the consequences reduced or mitigated if action is taken immediately. One should never shrug off an arrest thinking that the record will disappear when the child reaches age 18. That is not true. In many cases a juvenile record will stay with you for life. And if you make a mistake in that window after age 18 and into your early 20s, addressing it immediately – especially if you’ve never been in trouble before – can rescue your good name and reputation. We had a recent case of a 20-year-old college student who was cited for underage possession of alcohol. We were able to help him stay out of trouble and protect his future. Read more about the case here.

Another impulsive client, a young teenager, was accused of breaking and entering. Before he and his parents sought legal help, he gave a statement to the police. This left us with less ability to help. We were able to help him find a resolution to his situation (read the case here), but it would have been easier on him if he had sought legal help sooner.

Kids get into trouble. This can happen not because they are malicious or bad kids, but simply because they are impulsive or don’t use their best judgement. Getting legal help as soon as there is trouble can make the trouble a lot easier to manage. If your child or another juvenile family member finds themselves in trouble with the law, get legal help right away. Having an advocate in your court can make a difference to the outcome of the case. A successful outcome can save a child from a record that follows them throughout their entire life. If you or someone you know finds themselves in legal trouble.

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