Injuries suffered as a result of a car crash can have devastating consequences on your life and that of your family. If the crash was the result of another driver’s carelessness, negligence or recklessness, our personal injury attorneys can help you get money to cover your medical expenses, property loss, lost wages, scarring and disfigurement, and pain and suffering. In addition, if someone you love has been killed or seriously injured in an accident involving another vehicle, we can help you obtain compensation for loss of consortium and/or wrongful death.

Contant Law personal injury lawyers are dedicated to helping you get the compensation you deserve. Even if you feel you were partially responsible for the accident, we may still be able to help you obtain compensation. Our legal services will not cost you anything unless we secure compensation for you.

Working with Insurance Companies

When you have been injured in a car crash, you must understand that the person or party responsible for your injury is almost always represented by an insurance company, which in turn has its own team of lawyers and investigators. It is important that you do not try to speak with the insurer before consulting with us. The insurance company representing the other driver will probably try to negotiate its way out of responsibility, or at least try to delay making an adequate payment for as long as possible. Even if they offer a quick settlement, one that seems enticing, you may find that it proves inadequate to meet medical expenses resulting from your injuries over time.

We are experts at working with insurance companies. We know how to negotiate with them on your behalf for a just settlement. If the opposing insurance company will not offer an adequate settlement, we are prepared to take your case to trial. We will use our experience, mastery of automobile injury law and the input of experts in accident reconstruction, engineering and medicine to achieve the best possible outcome in your case.



Information to Gather at an Accident Scene

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