Can Contant Law help me with a traffic ticket?

Yes.  We have handled many traffic ticket cases.

Why should I pay a lawyer more than the cost of the traffic ticket?

Some people might ask, “if it is just a traffic ticket with a fine, why would I go through the time and expense to appeal it versus just paying the ticket?”  Generally, the punishment for most civil traffic tickets is some monetary fine.  However, the consequences of being found responsible for a traffic violation is often more far-reaching than just a fine.  The most commonly understood problem is that a responsible finding will cause your insurance rates to go up.  In addition, if you have had multiple traffic tickets or other surchargeable events (i.e. accidents in which you were found at fault), in a certain period of time your license can be suspended.  The penalties can be even more severe for junior operators and holders of commercial driver’s licenses.

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