Guy is a retired professional with a good driving record. He was driving on Route 95 in the area of Lexington when he was pulled over by a police car. He was told he was pulled over for traveling in the left lane. In Massachusetts – despite what you may see drivers do – it is illegal to travel in the left lane; the left lane is for passing.

Guy hired me to help him appeal the citation. He had a good driving record and had notice that the citation was for the wrong violation. The officer pulled him over for traveling in the left lane but had listed a different violation on the ticket.

We opted for a clerk’s hearing and demonstrated to the clerk magistrate that Guy had not committed the offense that was listed on the ticket. As a result, the citation was dismissed.

This is not a typical situation and, of course, you can’t count on the police officer to make a mistake, but it is important to review the paperwork and the citation details to be sure they are correct.

Sometimes the officer makes a mistake

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