Almost everyone with a driver’s license has been stopped by the police and given a traffic ticket, also called a traffic citation. If you are one of these people, you have probably experienced that sinking feeling when you see the blue lights in your rearview mirror.

Being pulled over for a traffic violation can be a very upsetting experience. Before you pay the fine and put the experience behind you, stop and consider the possible implications to your driving record, insurance premiums and possibly your employment.

Not every traffic violation is treated equal. To make an informed decision you need to understand the following:

  1. What exactly have you been charged with? Is it a civil infraction or a criminal offense?
  2. Why you should consider appealing the traffic violation: the effect on insurance premiums, impact to your driving record and possibly your employment.
  3. The appeal process and why timing is essential.

The defense attorneys at Contant Law can help you assess your situation and advise you on how to move forward, possibly appealing the ticket.

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