OUI is a complicated area of the law. As DUI lawyers, we understand the law and will work closely with you to determine the best action in your particular case.

As experts in DUI defense, we do not recommend you plead guilty. There are significant implications to your life to being found guilty of drunk driving.

If you have been charged with OUI or DUI, do NOT appear in court without a proven, experienced DUI attorney by your side.

At Contant Law, we are proven criminal defense attorneys who have a long successful track record as DUI defense attorneys. As your OUI lawyer, we will fight the charges. Specifically, we will examine the evidence to determine whether mistakes were made by the police in the investigation and collection of evidence. We will determine what can and cannot be used against you at trial. We will file motions to exclude evidence that was not obtained lawfully and/or motions to dismiss your case under certain circumstances. If winning the case does not seem viable, we will seek to work out a deal with the prosecuting attorney.



What happens in the 24 hours following an OUI arrest?

Criminal Defense Process

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