Caleb was out with friends driving around North Reading one evening. They decided to stop at Keelan’s house in a very nice neighborhood. Keelan came out to the driveway to talk to them. Caleb and his mates stayed in the driveway never going near the house or the garage. It was around 9 pm. Caleb and his friends only stayed a few moments, then they took off.

A few days later, Keelan’s dad reported that samples he used for his work had been stolen from the garage of the home. He accused Caleb and his friends of stealing his work samples. Caleb came to Contant Law looking for help to defend himself against these false charges. Because Caleb had no record, I could easily have gotten probation for him, but Caleb was adamant that he had not done anything wrong and wanted his day in court.

We were able to successfully defend Caleb against the charges. There was no proof that he had taken anything from the house or garage or in fact ever entered the premises. All charges against Caleb were dismissed and his record is, once again, clear.

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Juvenile breaking and entering caleb's story

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