The Commonwealth of Massachusetts takes drug possession, distribution and trafficking very seriously. So do we. Contant Law specializes in criminal defense, protecting your rights when charged with drug possession or drug distribution.

First, understand the crime:

Drug Possession: The type of drug and whether this is your first offense or a repeat offense typically determines the severity of penalties in drug possession cases. Learn more about the classification of controlled substances and associated penalties in Massachusetts.

Drug Distribution: The penalties for drug trafficking or distribution in Massachusetts are severe, including the risk of prison time. If you are found with baggies, a scale, small amounts of drugs in separate packages or other paraphernalia suggestive of drug dealing, you might be charged with intent to distribute.  Learn more.

Contant Law specializes in criminal defense including drug crimes.

Our criminal defense attorneys review any and all aspects of the drug case to identify possible strategies to defend you and your rights. We will turn over every possible stone including analyzing the search and seizure process to reviewing the credibility of an informant. You can count on Contant to analyze the situation to protect your rights and uncover ways to build your defense. The defense we ultimately choose depends on the circumstances surrounding your particular case.

The potential penalties for drug offenses in Massachusetts are significant. Don’t risk not having the best criminal defense lawyer in your court protecting your rights.

Why Contant Law for defending drug possession or drug trafficking charges?

  • As criminal defense attorneys, we specialize in criminal justice including drug possession and trafficking charges. We have numerous clients who we have defended who have come out on the other side with their liberty and dignity intact.
  • We listen. Our criminal defense lawyers are with you every step of the way explaining your options in a clear, straightforward manner.


Criminal Defense Process

What is the general timeline of drug related cases?

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