In Massachusetts, two laws help people seeking protection from domestic violence, physical abuse or emotional abuse suffered from someone not in a domestic relationship. The laws are similar, the processes are nearly identical, and the consequences are the same. We at Contant Law start with helping our clients understand the laws, then navigate the process so you and your rights are protected.

Domestic Restraining Orders in Massachusetts offer protection to individuals suffering from domestic abuse between people:

  1. who are or were married to each other,
  2. who are or were living together,
  3. who are or were related by blood or marriage,
  4. who have a child together, or
  5. who are in a “substantive dating relationship.”

Harassment Prevention Orders fill a gap to protect people who are not in a “domestic” relationship in situations involving:

  1. feuding neighbors,
  2. those being bullied at school and/or work, and
  3. victims of sexual assault who have not previously dated their attacker.

Contant Law helps individuals seeking to get a court-issued protection order and, as criminal defense attorneys, we also represent clients who have been served a Domestic Restraining Order or a Harassment Prevention order and been notified they need to appear in a scheduled Further Hearing.

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