‘Tis the season to be jolly… or so the song goes, but often jolly includes drinking. The holiday parties and potlucks, the impromptu holiday drinks, the family gatherings these all usually include drinking. And the police know it. This is their busiest time of year. We’ve all heard about tragic, avoidable accidents during past holiday seasons. Perhaps you’ve wondered aloud why no one took the keys away from the person or how they could drink and drive. The reality is that any of us can make a poor choice.

Your kids are watching. Whether your kids are 7, 21 or 35, they are watching your example. You’ve taught them about making good choices. You’ve taught the older ones to have a designated driver, use an uber, call a friend or even to call you. So, set a good example by modeling the behavior you’ve been teaching.

If you don’t choose a designated driver ahead of time, ride sharing apps make it easier than ever to get a sober driver to take you home. There’s no shame in being safe and asking for help. Sleeping on a friend’s couch for a night is a far better option than sleeping in a jail cell because you got stopped for an OUI.

Have a plan before you go out if you know you will be drinking. Have an emergency plan if you find yourself at an impromptu celebration. Read more here about what to do if you get stopped by the police. And, if you decide to drive and get stopped, have our number in your contacts. We want your holidays to be happy and uneventful but if you need help contact us.

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