Can I Be Compensated for PTSD from a Car Accident?

Car accidents have the potential to cause serious physical damage to property and cause substantial physical injuries to you. If you believe your car accident was caused due to the negligence of someone else, you may be entitled to compensation for not only your physical injuries but even the emotional damage you have sustained due to your car accident. Emotional damage can be done when you are involved in traumatic events like a car accident.

Other instances, such as having a physical injury that keeps you from doing something you love can net you compensation due to the loss of enjoyment of life. To explore your legal options, consult with a personal injury attorney today, and see what compensation you may be entitled to.

How Can I Prove I’ve Been Mentally Affected By My Car Accident?

Because claiming mental damages and proving mental damages are vastly different, some evidence may be required in order to prove you have been mentally affected by your car accident. Documented proof that you have sought psychological help or proof of debilitating injuries that have diminished certain aspects of your life can help you increase the amount of compensation you may be eligible for and bolster your chances of successfully obtaining damages.

Can a Severe Physical Injury Help Me Claim Mental Damages?

Think about the types of injuries you can sustain in a severe car accident. Injuries to the head, neck, or spine can completely upend your life. Paralysis or permanent brain damage can make your life a living nightmare at times. These injuries may negatively alter the relationships you have with your family members which can lead to mental distress on your part. You deserve the opportunity to live as normal of a life as you possibly can. By hiring a car accident attorney, you may be positioning yourself to secure the compensation you deserve for your devastating injuries and mental damages.

How Can a Car Accident Attorney Get The Most Compensation Possible?

Car accidents can be frightening. Dealing with the emotional distress that can stem from an accident and any injuries you sustain from it can be taxing, not only for you but for your family. Our team at Contant Law, P.C. knows how stressful times may be for you following your accident. We are dedicated to making sure you and your family are well taken care of. Seeking the most compensation possible for you and your family is our main priority. Don’t delay in seeking legal help. Call us at 617-227-8383 for a free consultation and make the first move towards getting the damages you rightfully deserve.