Finding opportunities to stay fit while we are striving to follow the stay home advisory is not always easy. Gyms and fitness studios are closed, online workouts are not for everyone and even on a walk down Main Street, keeping 6 feet apart can be challenging. Balancing the challenge with the need to get out of the house or to get the kids moving and burning off their excess energy may have you lacing up your running shoes or putting air in the bike tires on a nice sunny day.

Even with fewer cars on the road, though, you must be careful of the risks of running on the roads. It is important to teach young children the right way to walk and ride on roads. If you need a refresher on bike rules you can read more here.

Once out on the roads, if you find yourself in an accident, there are things you should do. If the accident is minor, you should gather important information about the scene and the driver and share your information with them. Review our article “Information to Gather at an Accident Scene” to help you and seek legal help if you require it.

Unfortunately, accidents involving bicycles or pedestrians and automobiles can leave the cyclist, walker or runner with serious injuries. If you find yourself seriously injured by a negligent driver while you were cycling, running or walking, we can help you obtain the compensation you deserve. Read more about bike accidents to find how we can help you if you are injured.

If you find yourself in a bicycle or pedestrian accident and you are in need of legal help, contact us. Contant Law is available to guide you through the legal process and ease your mind. Call or text us Contant Law 617-227-8383.

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