April 29, 2019

A Job Triggers Title IX

A young man graduates from college. He is eager to pursue a career in criminal justice. He is elated to get his first job as a Public Safety Officer at a Boston-area college. After six months on the job he bumps into a woman he had met on Tinder two years earlier while he was still an undergraduate at another area college.

The next day, he was called to his supervisor’s office and informed that he had been accused of a Title IX violation by the young woman. Blindsided by this accusation he realized his job and his future were on the line. Read more about how we were able to help this young man.

April 5, 2019

A Case with Ripple Effects: The MA Breathalyzer Debate

We recently told you about a case heard in Malden District Court in which we successfully defended a client accused of OUI homicide. Our client was cleared of all charges. The case hinged on the use of breathalyzer results. In the Commonwealth of Massachusetts breathalyzer results are currently not admissible in court except in very specific circumstances including OUI homicide. However, based on the court’s decision to exclude most breathalyzer tests, it is clear the court doubts the scientific methodology currently in use. Until the court is satisfied that the methods and practices surrounding breathalyzer testing are sound, all breathalyzer tests are suspect.

As reported in Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly this recent case has garnered some attention in the Massachusetts legal community. Subscribers can read more about the nuances of the case and its repercussions in other cases read the interview in Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly.